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Combine 2 fields when one is relational and the other isn't

Question asked by ScottKeck on Jul 29, 2015
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Combine 2 fields when one is relational and the other isn't


Hi there. Semi-noob here. Running FM Advanced Pro 14 whatchamacallit. ;-)

I have a layout with a field that is related to a table, LocationCode. It goes to a table and looks at phone number area codes, and then displays a "location code" (that we use for internal, on-net dialing) based on what it finds in the DialPlan table.

I have another field on the layout, Extn, which is the phone extension. It is just a Number field and lives in the current table where this layout resides. It's a key field.

I'm trying to create a 3rd field, SevenDigit, that combines the LocationCode value with the Extn value. However, no calculation I try works. Tried the & approach, the List approach, creating a Merge Field, etc. Nothing returns the value for LocationCode; I just get the 4 digits from Extn.

(For example, my layout shows: Location Code  720   Extn 1234. I would like my SevenDigit field to display "7201234". This is because in our Cisco call servers we use the 7 digit nomenclature and I want my engineers to be able to copy and paste and also to sort records etc. based on the SevenDigit field)

Pulling my hair out. Is there something I'm overlooking that's simpler than a Join table or portal?