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Combine 2 Tables into 1 Portal?

Question asked by bmjboy on Nov 26, 2010
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Combine 2 Tables into 1 Portal?


Hi -

Im getting on will with FM Pro 11, but need to know if the follow is posible using this example?:

We sell products via 2 channels - Online and Offline (telephone orders etc)

We raise offline orders in one table, and log online orders in another table.

We have setup a "Dashboard" layout which is essentially a portal which shows all "Active" orders from the Offline orders table.

I would like to have the portal show all active orders from both tables - can this be done?

This way, we can have a good overview of all active orders in the company for people to action.

Currently, we have it set to remove any record from the portal (via filter) to not show any closed/delivered orders.

Any assistance welcome.