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Combine custom menu with default FM menu

Question asked by BatMan on May 11, 2010
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Combine custom menu with default FM menu


Hi. Im developing a runtime application with FM Pro 11 Advanced on Mac OS X. What I would like to do, but haven't found out how, is add a menu to the default FM menu bar without removing the latter, i.e. just add my own menu to the existing one without replacing it. The reason is that I would like to add some About or QuickHelp menu items, but need to keep the FM menus s.t. the users will still be able to navigate using the toolbar, which they wouldn't if I just replaced the FM menu.


As far as I understand, not all menu items from the default FM menu can be used in custom menus. For instance, when switching to a custom menu, the browsing, searching and sorting tools in the toolbar disappear and cannot be revealed by adding all available preset custom menu items.


I hope I made myself clear. It's a bit difficult to explain. Anyway, your help is greatly appreciated!