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    Combine Excel Records into ONE Filemaker record?



      Combine Excel Records into ONE Filemaker record?


      My Excel spreadsheet has data like this:


      Name     Job       ID        Product     Quantity 

      John       239      023       42H            1

      John       239      023       34B           2

      Mark       239      029       42G            1

      Lisa        239      035       42P             2

      Lisa        239      035       42W            1

      Tim        239      039       42B            1



      The ID# is unique...name/job/product are not unique. 


      I'd like to import this CSV file into FM Pro 10 and have John's record show that he order both product 42H and 34B but I don't want (2) reocrds for John. 


      Is there anyway to do this? 


      I'm a relative beginner when it comes to FM Pro but I have a little experience with db's. I'm currently using FM Pro 10.0v3 on OSX 10.6.2 (if that matters). 





      Thanks in advance...your assistance is greatly appreciated!