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    Combine Multiple Databases



      Combine Multiple Databases


      Im on a role here need help.

      1) Created two seperate databases, on ehas a ticket system in which i created a scripts to view certain fields. Ok now how i combine it to my admin site. I tried to give the button an action, chose the script from the other database, but when i go to click the icon it does not do anything. Do i have to import the script?


      2) Also if im creating seperate rights per user. How can i go about setting a script or something to when i assign a ticket to joe it appears in joes to do list. If i make on efor Jane it appears in only Janes to do list.



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          1) it's possible to merge files by importing the tables, scripts etc but it's a fair amount of work and failure to do certain steps just right can tie you up with bugs until you figure out what's broken. THere's a third party product I've heard of: FMMigrator, that is supposed to make this easier thought I haven't used it. If you haver just one or two tables and just a few scripts, value lists and layouts in the file you want to merge, it's not too bad, otherwise, be prepared to invest a great deal of time and effort doing this.

          You may find it easier just keeping the files separate and linking the tables of one file as external data sources of the other. This can enable you to add a box on your relationship graph for a table in an external file so you can relate it to your other tables and access the data just as though it were in the same file.

          2) That's a pretty vague description, but if you use a field in the ticket record to store an account name or even an actual name, you can use finds or portals to just display records that apply to a given person.