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Combine Portal Fields to one field

Question asked by JessOttman on Oct 17, 2013
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Combine Portal Fields to one field


     Hi All,

     Working with Filemaker pro 11 adv. On windows XP

     I have a portal in which I want two fields to combine in one description field out side the portal. Here's what i have:



     What I would like to have in the Combined Field is "2 x Seal,1 x Procap.

     What I get is "2 x Seal" then when i click on the next portal row I get  "1 x Procap" and so on according on how many portal rows are occupied. 

     I have a combined field created as a text but input calulation :

I did manage to have "description, description, description" with this:

Substitute (List (RelatedTable::Description); "¶"; ", ")

So I then tried this:

Substitute (List (Line Items Test Report::Quantity); "¶"; ", " & "x" & Related Table::Descritption)

     I am at a loss so any help greatly appreciated if I could learn this for future reference