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    Combine Portal Fields to one field



      Combine Portal Fields to one field


           Hi All,

           Working with Filemaker pro 11 adv. On windows XP

           I have a portal in which I want two fields to combine in one description field out side the portal. Here's what i have:



           What I would like to have in the Combined Field is "2 x Seal,1 x Procap.

           What I get is "2 x Seal" then when i click on the next portal row I get  "1 x Procap" and so on according on how many portal rows are occupied. 

           I have a combined field created as a text but input calulation :

      I did manage to have "description, description, description" with this:

      Substitute (List (RelatedTable::Description); "¶"; ", ")

      So I then tried this:

      Substitute (List (Line Items Test Report::Quantity); "¶"; ", " & "x" & Related Table::Descritption)

           I am at a loss so any help greatly appreciated if I could learn this for future reference



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               Option 1:

               Define a calculation field in the portal's table that combines the Qty and description how you want for just that one row.

               Use the first approach that you tried, Substitute ( List ( RelatedTable::Field )... but refer to this calculation field instead of one or both individual fields.

               Option 2:

               If you have FileMaker 12, ExecuteSQL could produce this list for you using ", " as both the field and record separators.

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                 Unfortunately I seem to still be getting the same result. 

                 I created a calculation field in Line Items maybe I've gone wrong here? How should I enter the data I want here? QTY " x " DESCRIPTION

                 I still have the calculation field in my main table which the portal is present on. Do I still use this?

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                   Just did it again and it worked. Did something wrong the first time 

                   Thanks for the help 



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                     Hi again,

                     I have two problems after implementing the calculation yesterday. 

                     1) If I have 2 x description, 1 x description in the portal it shows up as 1 x descritpion, 1 x description in. So it's not pulling the exact quantity.

                     2) When I select one of the fields I keep getting that message, "This action cannot be preformed because this field is not modifiable"

                     do I need to change one of the fields either to text, auto calculation to stop this pop up? 

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                       The field defined in the portal's table should not be used for editing and there is no reason to. Remove it from the portal and put back your original fields. Those can be edited and your combined list of all the portal items will still work.