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Combine Records

Question asked by VelvetDoofus on Mar 12, 2014
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Combine Records



     Does anyone have a solution to the following issue:

     Consider the following six records

     [Name]     [Moron]   [Nerd]   [Doofus]          

     Joe            Yes         No         No

     Joe            No           Yes       No

     Rick          Yes          No         No

     Ed             Yes         No         No

     Ed             No           Yes       No

     Ed             Yes          No         No


     I want to combine/merge them based on the Name to look like this:

     [Name]     [Moron]   [Nerd]   [Doofus]          

     Joe            Yes         Yes         No

     Rick          Yes          No          No

     Ed             Yes          Yes        Yes


     For each name I need to combine the positive results for the three fields. Based on the six records, Joe is both a Moron and a Nerd, Rick is just a Moron, and Ed is a Moron, Nerd, and Doofus. Any thoughts? Essentially I need to combine the records with any "Yes" pull rank over "No's" for the same name.

     Thanks for any help you can provide me!!!!!!!