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Combine several dates into one column?...

Question asked by tman1425 on Aug 12, 2012
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Combine several dates into one column?...


I'm having trouble figuring out if this is even possible and I've received a lot of good advice here in the here it goes...

I have several different fields for each client that contain a specified date in the future, such as:  PolicyExpire1 PolicyExpire2 PolicyExpire3.  I would like to combine these dates to show up in a single table column in order to sort the dates by those occuring first.  I've done this for a birthday list, but it is more difficult since I have multiple fields this time.  As an example, if one client has two policies expiring, I would like for the client to show up twice (once for each date listed in the column).

Is this possible?  Right now, I have the three fields just set up in three different columns and I sort each field separately to see which dates are coming up first.  It would be easier if they were all combined into a single column.

Thanks in advance for any input!