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    combine tables in report



      combine tables in report


           I have three central  tables: EVENTS, CREW and EXPENSES.

           CREW fields are name, hours, earings, etc.

           EXPENSES are name, category, amount, etc.

           EVENTS records are populayed with CREW lines (multiple crew members for each event); and EXPENSES (multiple expenses for each event). All  EVENT, CREW and EXPENSES records are all related thoguh _kf and _kp id fields.

           How do I combine related CREW and EXPENSES records related to a single EVENT into one report? jpeg attaced.

           You'll see I've attempted adding a REPORT table for combining, but it isn't working.

           Thanks in advance for any direction!


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               This is a case where you may have no choice but to include a portal to either Expenses or Crew on your report layout.

               You can base your report layout on one of these two tables, pull in data from Event by adding fields from the related event table occurrence and then add a portal to the remaining table, either Expenses or Crew--whichever you did not choose to base your layout on.

               You can put a large portal on the layout with many rows specified and then use sliding/resize enclosing part to shrink it to fit the number of rows actually needed for a given report.

               I'd select whichever of these two tables is best suited to a simple "table like" format to use for the portal and whichever most needs more complex formatting as the one on which to base the layout, using a list view type layout design.

               I don't quite get the purpose to your Report table.

               Note that there are other options, but the complexity of how you pull them off increases significantly with the other options.

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                 The REPORT table was an attempt to organize and combine the related tables. Fail. 

                 Thanks for your answer.