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Combine text data from related tables

Question asked by k1ngf1sher on Apr 16, 2010
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Combine text data from related tables


Hi all, I am trying to combine text data from the same field but across multiple records.  I would like this 'summary' field to work as one might do when creating a summary calculation using a self-join relationship, but, and here's the rub,  I do not want to create a summary report or use a portal.  This might sound like a strange request, but it's necessary for my client's goals.


The exact situation is this: 2 tables, Storage and Storage2, are self-joined by ID and Include(Yes or No).  The field I want to combine between related records is called 'Source.'  When I have two records that have the same ID and same Include response ('Yes'), then I would like the two records to each the same text value in a third variable, Source_Summary, that is a combination of their respective 'Sources'.  It would be nice to place a semicolon between each record (if that's possible).


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.