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Combine Text Fields but remain editable

Question asked by Mitch on Feb 17, 2011
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Combine Text Fields but remain editable



With the Fiilemaker Pro 11 v3 updater now out fixing the printing over multiple pages issue, I now find myself having to change my database to cater for the fix.  

Because of the issues with the previous version, I had two research text fields "Research_Text_A" and "Research_Text_B".  Each limited to a page to prevent the cutting of text and printed on two separate pages. Now, of course there is a fix.  

I now need to combine these fields into one research field that can now print any number of pages.  But I need the field to be editable afterwards.  Which prevents me using the following calculation in a new research field:

Research_Text_C =  If (not IsEmpty (Research_Text_A ) ; " " & Research_Text_A ) & If (not IsEmpty (Research_Text_B) ; " " & Research_Text_B)

My preference is to create a new database that will import the values from "Research_Text_A" and "Research_Text_B" and combine them.  So, how do I combine the fields and keep the field editable afterwards?

Add to this problem, that Research_Text_A and Research_Text_B fields both have a calculated value that will highlight certain text value based on a trigger.  So, I need the same script on any new research field.