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    Combine Values



      Combine Values



      I am trying to combine all the values from a table field to one field in a separate table or a global field any help would be appreciated.


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          Your new combined field would be a calculation field of the fields you  want to combined:

          Sample Calculation to combine fields:

          Field1 &" "& field2 & " " & field3

          Note " " is adding a space in between each field, so if a space is not needed then you can leave off " " &

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            I suggest providing an example of what you want. There are a great many different ways to combine data from a great many different table designs.

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              Sorry I haven't explained very well above, what I am trying to do is duplicate all the text values in a table field to a single field separated by coma's. Hope this makes sense.


              Table values




              I then want to combine them into a single field

              Adam, Daniel, Rob                                                       


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                And are these all from records in the same table as the field where you want to combine them or are they from a related table?

                If from a related table, you can do this:

                Substitute ( List ( RelatedTable::Field ) ; ¶ ; ", " )

                There are also ways to use ExecuteSQL to generate such a list (from any table in your file and using a WHERE clause to specify which records supply values to the list) by specifying a comma as the record separator.