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Combined List / Layout

Question asked by Vinny on May 10, 2011
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Combined List / Layout



Say I have a DB with two tables: accounts & contacts.  accounts can have any number of contacts, and they are related by a key (ID) in the accounts and a foreign key in contacts.

I would like to have a layout which shows, on the left, a list of contacts, and on the right, the form for editing a contact.  When the user clicks on the contact (or selects it) the related contact information (or form) shows up on the right.  The user can edit this form.

It's kind of a hybrid approach that I think will make using the DB much easier.  Currently, I have a list view pop up when a user goes into the contacts section.  Then, when they select a contact, it navigates them to the contact edit screen where they can view / edit the details.  This seems like too many steps....

Do I set up a layout for the contacts datails, and then add a portal of contacts on the left side?  Not sure how I would do this.

Please let me know if you have any ideas.