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Combining a field and a function

Question asked by YardGnome on Feb 19, 2014
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Combining a field and a function


     I have a text field called TOUR and a date field called SHOWDATE. I am trying to combine the text from TOUR and just the year from the SHOWDATE, into another field called TOURYEAR.

     In Manage Database I select the field TOURYEAR and click "options". There I checked the "Calculate value" box and click on "Specify". In the "Specify Calculation" window I have created the following calculation:

     TOUR & "-" & Year (SHOWDATE )

     When creating a new record I fill in the TOUR (Sample data: WS1) and SHOWDATE (Sample data: 01-10-2013) fields, but the result in the TOURYEAR field is "WS1 -", omitting the year.

     As a test, when I change to calculation to:

     Year (SHOWDATE )

     The result is "2013", as expected.

     What am I missing? Why doesn't this work as I expect it to? How else should I combine these two fields to get the desired result of "WS1-2013"?