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Combining Excel Data in FMPro

Question asked by misterg65 on Jul 18, 2010
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Combining Excel Data in FMPro


As part of my job I have to analyse exam data. I get my information from several different sources,all with their own formats.

I have general data on the students, common across the school (Special Needs, etc).

Almost all students will complete a common exam (data obtained from the exam board).

In the following year these would then be split into new groups and in one of three categories. Some may drop science, some may do one course ("CourseA") whilst others do another course ("CourseB"). The results from both these courses again comes from the exam board.

I need an elegant way to combine these so that candidate number 1004 for instance gets updated with all the information. When I tried this before I got a new record for "1004" for each sheet I imported.

I've tried Bento, but I can't work out what to do there, either :(

I've looked at Access... but that's an ugly beast!

Thanks in advance