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Combining Fields from Multiple Tables onto One Report

Question asked by carlz_1 on Mar 2, 2009
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Combining Fields from Multiple Tables onto One Report


Using FM 10.


I have been owrking on this project that involves a government form where people aply for a benefit program.  The form has one section for Bank Accounts, Another one for Investments, one for vehicles, one for real estate and another for Life Insurance, among other matters.


I have separate tables and portals for these tables.


On anothe form that is related, they request that all of these bank accounts, investments, vehicles and real estate be listed.  The form is coomprised of 15 rows and about 5 columns. 


I am trying to recreate that form and have all the bank accounts listed, followed by the investments, etc.


I am having difficulty doing this.  Because there are a number of separate tables I cannot use portals.  I guess I could but there would be blank spaces between the end of one portal and the beginning of another and I would rather find another way.


I can't use list view either.


I suppose I could combine all the assets onto one table with an identifier field to osay what type it is but it might make the job of listing them separately on the first form more difficult and the first form is far more important.


I also thought perhaps I can copy the relevant fields from the records of wach table to a separate table and go fom there.


Can anyone tell me from their experience which might be the better way to go, or if you have any other ideas?    I simply want to get a report that lists all of the related records from sepaate tables ont one columnar report.


Thank you.