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Combining fields from several table to make a report format correctly?

Question asked by kuhoodva on Oct 15, 2009
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Combining fields from several table to make a report format correctly?


I have a question regarding combining information from several different fields across several related tables and putting it into one layout. I still need to be able edit all of the fields, to fine tune the info in them.

The end result will be a progress report for a medical situation.


I have a client table that is related to a "goal set" table that has individual goals related to it.

A normal situation is to have a "goal set" containing several different goals that need to be reported on for progress.  When finished a new "goal set" is created for the next set of goals.

On the goal table there is also a progress field, that will be used for the info regarding that record containing that specific goal.

The problem that I am having is in the report layout to get all of the info formatted and showing correctly.


The top of the page has unchanging text. Next is a text field that will need to filled in at the time of the report. Then I would like to be able to have the goals below that with the progress below each goal(which resides on the same table as the goals). followed by a coupe of pull down fields. Finally at the end, a new "goal set" with the new goals for the client.


1. Is there a way to show all of the "goal" records that are related to the "goal set" without using a portal and still having the fields editable? The reason for this is the goal doesn't have to be edited but the progress does.

2. Or is there a way to make a portal slide for printing?(I wasn't able to)

3. Am I going about this the wrong way, or is there a better way to structure this?


Thanks in advance