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Combining Fields in FMP

Question asked by Wallis on Dec 4, 2009
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Combining Fields in FMP


I'm looking at buying FMP 10. Just before I do, I wonder if somebody can help me with a specific problem that I know I'll have.


I'm Membership secretary of a Vintage Race Car Club and most of the info I'll keep will be typical contact management database stuff.


However, there is one problem that crops up and that has to do with race numbers. Some members have 1 car and one race number. Others have 2 cars and 2 race numbers - I should add that the race numbers will not be saved as numbers but rather as text - several guys have leading zero numbers 01, 007 etc.


So I guess I'd set up a 5 fields - member name, car 1, race # 1, car 2, race #2. 


When somebody joins the club, we search through the existing numbers to find an unused one - to do this, we need to create a  report that has 3 fields - name, car, number. In other words, we need to be able to combine Car 1 and Car 2 into a Car field and  Race #1 and Race #2 into a Race # Field, all the while making sure we can maintain the member name details.


Sounds simple, yet I had a hell ofa time doing it in Access - in fact, I couldn't. Can Filemaker handle this ? If so, how might I do it - I've ordered the free 30 day trial and would like to prove we can do this before I spend the Club's money.