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Combining Fields in new Table

Question asked by MLind on Nov 29, 2012
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Combining Fields in new Table


     I have a master table of data which includes two separate fields that have data for the same product and want to know if there is a way to populate another table where it combines the two fields into a single list.  I know ... confusing. 

     To explain, I am creating paperwork for an electrical system where Component A can have two light bulbs connected (Bulb 1 and Bulb 2).  The Master Table is the list of Component A's (model, type...) which has Field columns for Bulb 1 (wattage, color) and Bulb 2 (wattage, color).  So, Master Table Fields are:



        BULB 1 WATTAGE

        BULB 1 COLOR

        BULB 2 WATTAGE

        BULB 2 COLOR

     I want to then take the Bulb data for both BULB 1 and BULB 2 and combine it into a separate (or report) showing a single list of a BULB WATTAGE and BULB COLOR so I can create a puchase list of all of the light bulbs.   Please see attached sample tables.

     I hope that make enough sense.  Is there anyway in FMP to do that?