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    Combining Layouts



      Combining Layouts


      I've been looking at (2) different DBs from the Starter FM 11 Layouts.

      Is there a way to take layouts from one db and import or combine them into another DB making a new layout in the second DB?.

      I've looked at the Contacts DB and Asset DB from the starter packages.  I would like to take part of Asset and import or copy

      the part of the Asset layout and bring it to Contacts.  I'm just not sure if any scripts or portals or

      other stuff will not copy over, since I'm still learning FMK 11.   Hope the question in not too confusing.


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          Unfortunately there is no easy way to bring entire layouts into a new file.

          You can copy layout objects only onto your clipboard and then paste them into your solution.  You cannot bring over relationships, portals or fields so once you have copied them into your new file, you must select the portal and re-point to your new relationship and select each field and re-specify to your new file's field names.

          Also note that you should match the parts (header, leading/trailing sub-summaries), footer etc.  You can click header once then immediately look at Inspector (Position tab) to get the Height; repeat for all parts on the layout. 

          Then select all of the objects on the layout that you want to bring over and write down two figures from Inspection Position tab (while all objects are selected) and that is Position Left and Position Top.  Next, CTRL-C to copy the objects, go to your new layout and CTRL-P to paste them.  Then immediately while the objects are still selected, go to Inspector and change the Left and Top numbers to match.

          Also keep in mind that there may be scripts or script triggers attached to some of the objects you bring over so be sure to clear those.

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            Thank you for the input.

            You've explained the challenge in an understanding way.

            I'll be looking into just duplicating the points from one layout to the second.

            Thanks again.