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Combining portal data to a single field

Question asked by AllisonKerivan on May 8, 2012


Combining portal data to a single field


Does anyone know a way to combine data in a portal (multiple lines) to a single field?  I use my database for event planning purposes. I use portals to represent multiple days.

The data within the portal shows clients who are hosting a party at a specific venue. Since parties can happen at all times of the day, venues often have mutiple clients in their space. All the clients are in one table and venues in another. The portals are used in the venue table to show from related records the client's parties listed at a specific venue.

I want to combine all the client's parties in each portal for each day. That way I can create a sort of master calendar. I hope all this information is helpful and really hope I figure out a way to do this. Thanks!