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    Combining records (Names) with the same address for  mail labels



      Combining records (Names) with the same address for  mail labels


      I have a records for each individual person.

      I would like to combine the names of couples on a mail label followed by the common address.

      On a mail label would be the two names resident at the the same address followed by the address.  I would save having to send two letters for a couple living at the same addresses.

      One name above the other would be nice, two names on the same line would be better.

      I can export such a list as a pdf and print a list of people some sharing the same addresses (sub Summary on address).

      Is this possible


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          You might want to consider putting addresses in a related table and then linking it to people records. People with the same address would then be linked to the same address record--that's the only way to ensure that two people at the same address have exactly identical address fields. Otherwise, you get one person with an address of 2825 Main and another has 2825 Main Street...

          People::AddressID = Addresses::AddressID

          It would then allow you to base your labels layout on the addresses table and a calcuation field like this:

          List ( People::FullnameField )

          Could be included in the merge text that makes up the address label.

          Using your existing table structure, you might be able to create a self join that matches by the address fields:

          YourTable::StreetAddress = YourTable 2::StreetAddress AND
          YourTable::City = YourTable 2::City AND
          YourTable::Zip = YourTable 2::Zip

          This would allow you to use List ( YourTable 2::FullNameField ) for your list of names, but you'd need some kind of script to omit duplicate addresses from your found set to keep from printing multiple mailing labels. If your sort on these same fields, a looping script could work through your found set, omitting a record when it's the same address as the previous record.