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Combining records from multiple tables into one layout

Question asked by ZachAlexander on Apr 3, 2013
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Combining records from multiple tables into one layout


     Hi all,

     I'm pretty new to Filemaker, and I've mostly been figuring out how it works (it's pretty intuitive), but I've just hit a snag.

     The organization I work for has an entity called the Corporation, which consists of people from three categories: (1) representatives appointed by external organizations, (2) officers of the organization's Board, and (3) the chairs of the standing committees of the organization's Board. 

     Each of those things is represented by its own table -- a CorporationRepresentatives table, a BoardOfficers table, and a CommitteeMembership table, which has a field for "chair". (All of these tables have start and end date fields, and are related to records in the People table.)

     Here's what I'd like to be able to do: design a layout with a "Date" field at the top, and upon entering a date, everyone who was a member of the Corporation on that date (for whichever of the 3 reasons above) will display below.

     Ideally this would be organized into categories; a section called "External representatives", a section called "Officers of the Board", and a section called "Board Committee Chairs". 

     Perhaps there's an easy solution, but I've been Filemakering all day and my brain is a bit fried. Much appreciation in advance for your expert advice.