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Combining Starter Solutions into one project

Question asked by jamesandrewbateman on Dec 15, 2012
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Combining Starter Solutions into one project


     Hi Guys,

     Has anyone ever looked at some of the starter solutions and wanted particular parts of them all combined together?

     What is the best way to take particular elements or concepts from the starter solutions to use as a basis for building a much larger project?

     We have a pricing calculation module set-up nicely and now we want to combine it with say... the 'Estimates' and 'Contacts' so that when we get a price from our pricing system, we can then assign that to a customer and create an estimate.

     We would be looking to go further than that and then turn the estimate into an invoice once accepted.

     Is this something somebody has done by 'merging' some databases together perhaps or is it better to just look through the starter solutions and reverse engineer the set-up to then amalgamate it with our pricing module?

     Theres probably no technical answer to this, but even a point in the right direction of how to approach this will really help.