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    Combining Tables



      Combining Tables


       Hi Guys, Only been using FM Pro 10 for a few days and need some very clear, specific help somewhat like a FM for dummies solution. I have 2 separate tables each with about 30 fields in them. Each table is in its own tab. What I need to do is to put both of these tabs in one view so I don't have to switch views to enter data. Please help :) Thanx

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          You need portals and relationships for that.

          Here's one possibility:

          Add a third Table, Main with one calculation field, constOne. Enter the number 1 as the sole calculation term for constOne. Define a number field, one in each of your existing tables.

          Define two relationships between Main and the other two tables:

          Main::constOne = Table1::One

          Main::constOne = Table2::One

          Drag from constOne to One in the other table in while in Manage | database | Relationships. Then doubleclick the line linking the two tables this action creates to bring up a dialog box where you can select "Allow Creation of Records via this relationship for both Table1 and Table2. Then repeat for table 2.

          Now you can set up a layout to NoData with your tab control and you can place a portal to table1 on one tab and a portal to table 2 on the other.

          With these relationships and the "allow create..." option, you can create records in each table by entering data into the bottom blank row of either portal.

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             Appreciate the info I'll reads more about relationships and tables and try to implement it.