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    Combining text formatting functions



      Combining text formatting functions


       I am creating a calculation that will populate a field. I want one of the possibilities to format the text by changing color and style. For example, If A: TEXT1, If B TEXT 2. How do I combine multiple text formatting for the same text?

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          In your example you want the text to be both red and bold if the "B" condition is true?


          You can select a text style and a text color for the same conditional format.


          Let's say you want the text red and bold if the value of the field is negative:


          Self < 0


          Might be your condition Then you'd select the Red text color, and then you'd click the check box for a bold text style.


          If you want a different color for the "A" condition, simply add another conditional format for that condition and select styles for it.

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            I thinks that's what I am trying to do. Let me explain my specific issue in more detail. I have a a table that tracks the terms of a contract. One field calculates the number of days left in the term. Another field calculated a text based on the value of the first. I am using an If function and have written it like this


            If(Time Remaining =<0;"Lapsed";"Active")


            I want the word lapsed to be red and bold. i tried using TextColor(text;RGB(red;green;blue)) & TextStyleAdd(text;styles) together. That produced the word in bold and red but twice (looked like this: LapsedLapsed). I want Lapsed.

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              If you always want the red text on multiple layouts, I'd rewrite your calculation as:


              TextStyleAdd(TextColor(text;RGB(red;green;blue)) ; styles)


              If it's just one or certain layouts where I want the bold red, I'd set up a conditional format:


              self < 0


              and select the bold and red conditional format options.