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    Combining Three fields into one



      Combining Three fields into one




      Is there a simple way that I can combine the data from three fields into one.


      Example: Have "City"   "State"  "Zip" and I want to put all the data into  "CityStateZip" and eliminate the first three fields.


      FM Pro v6

      Mac OS10




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          One Option:

          Create a New Field

          Set the Type to Text


          Then in the New Field Options, Under the 'Auto-Enter' Tab, Select Calculated Value.

          In the 'Specify Calculation' window, select the fields you want combine.  which, according to the example you provided, would be:  City & State & Zip

          (That will render:  CityStateZip  as a joined text string)


          Once your Calculation is complete, hit OK and you will be back at the Options window for your new field.

          **Be Sure to Check the Box for 'Do Not Replace Existing Value of Field'


          This will populate the new field with your desired joining of the three fields and will maintain the calucated result upon deletion of the original 3 fields.




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            use a calculation field, the & operator will join the text values together.

            =City & State & Zip

            Having got your new field with CityStateZip (check in brows mode to make shure it has done what you want)

            You can change the field type from calculation to text and then delete the other 3 fields.

            I personally like to keep those types of fields seperate in the table and use the calculated field to show on the layout. That way when I need to search for a zip etc it is easy.


            You can add  & "¶" & between each field this will add a carriage return between each field which also aids searching.

            =City &"¶" & State &"¶" & Zip  would produce a field with





            I would only delete the first three fields when I was sure I wouldn't need them.



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              Thanks to both of you, both good solutions and good info. I wasn't sure how to "save" the data.... worked GREAT THX