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    Combining two reports into one?



      Combining two reports into one?


      FMPro10 & FMPro11, FM Server11. Windows Network (XP & Vista). db built on Pro10.

      I have two seperate reports based on a repairs table.

      One shows repairs booked in within a date range,

      The other shows repairs booked out within a date range.

      Both reports are showing very different information in the body so cannot share headers or be seperated by 'grouping'

      Is there a way to combine these two reports so that I can have 'Repairs IN' at the top and "Repairs OUT' underneath. So for one time period we can see both in and out together.

      Currently this works on two seperate reports which makes it more cumbersom, especially for emails.


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          Save as PDF when used in a script gives you the option to append the saved PDF to an existing PDF file. Thus, one option is to use this script step to create a PDF for the first report and then use the "append" option to save the second report to the same file.

          Even though the reports show "very different information", there may be other options that allow you to pull all of this together on a single layout so that such scripting is not necessary, but you'd have to tell us a great deal more about your two reports and how your data is structured to see if that is possible/feasible.