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Combining two tables into a third table

Question asked by HowardRathbun on Oct 14, 2010
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Combining two tables into a third table


I defined a new table with about 4 fields.  Now I would like to run a script that copies a bunch of records from Table1 and pastes (inserts?) them into TableNew.  The records to be copied will be determined by some calculation based on one or more fields.  I would then like to do the same thing with Table2 where the recards are APPENDED to TableNew.  I have played around with this but can't find the right combination of script steps to insert (paste?) them into TableNew. I set the script to loop through just 10 records of Table1 and that part works because the selection arrow is on record #10 in Table1 when the script stops.  But nothing shows up in TableNew.

How to do this?