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Combo Box functionality confusion

Question asked by snimmo on Dec 5, 2012
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Combo Box functionality confusion


     I am new to Filemaker Pro 12 and have tried to find the answer to a simple problem without success.

     Hopefully someone will have a quick response on this as I'm sure there is a solution.

     I have an entry layout that I want to use a dropdown list to display the name of an organization.

     I have a field in my table that links to the organization table's id field (numeric).

     I would like the dropdown list to display the name field from the organization table but store the id from the organization table in my current table's "organization id" field.

     I know this all relys on having a relationship established, a value list created and a dropdown list present on the layout.

     My confusion on this is the following;

     Can I have the relationship be the "organization id" from my current table to the "id" of the organization table, the dropdown list display only the second field (organization name) but store the first (organization id)?

     I have tried numerous combinations of relationships, dropdown list, and value lists to make this work and have read lots of documentation about each but am still have trouble getting the right combination for what I need.

     The closest I've come is getting the organization name to show up in my drop down list, selecting that, but when I tab to the next field it no longer displays the organization name but rather the organization id.

     How do I keep the organization name showing in my dropdown window after picking the appropriate organization name and still have the organization id stored in my table?

     Thanks to anyone who can clear this up for me.