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    comcast sharepoint



      comcast sharepoint


      Is there a way to put a FMpro9 advanced built DB on a 'Sharepoint' network that exists with a Comcast Business Class account?


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          I wouldn't recommend it. If I understand correctly, this would be the same as putting the database file on a shared directory and letting all users open the database by opening the shared directory and double clicking the file. With FileMaker, that can result in a corrupted database file if two different users try to open the file at the same time.

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            Thank you very much.

            I have a domain that I am not currently using.

            What is the easiest way to have a simple contact DB (FM7) available for two people to access for read/write?

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              Open the file on one computer. Use Sharing from the file menu to make this a shareable file. Then launch FileMaker on the second machine and use open remote to connect to the shared database that is being hosted by the other.

              The above steps assume you are on a Local Area Network. If your computers are not networked then you'll have more work ahead of you as you'll need to configure the host computer's internet router for port forwarding.