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Coming from Access and have a few questions

Question asked by Nihilist on Mar 9, 2010
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Coming from Access and have a few questions


Hello, I recently downloaded a demo in hopes that I can find something that is compatible on both Mac and PC, as well as a close contender to Access. I'm an intermediate user of Access and I use more coding (Visual C & queries) in the background to rely on my entries and output instead of sticking to rudimentary property values.


So far, I really like the table management and layout view in Filemaker. But I'm having a bit of trouble that I hope is only 'New User' related, in which case, I'm willing to tough it out. But if they're actual limitations that I can't find a workaround for, I'd rather not make any further investments. Could someone please answer the following questions for me so that I can better decide where I should invest my time?


1) Can I use SQL queries (or something uncannily similar as far as results go) within fields, to sort through Records, Reports, and to mask and enter data with? For a simple example: can I specify three separate fields from two different tables where two fields are conjuctive but the user ID is the entered data?

2) Does scripting go beyond the semblance of macros? Is there a way to get behind the scenes and break the rules a little?

3) Is it possible to have Subforms that are enabled for data entry and customisable from the layout view?

4) How can I have more than two columns in a drop-down field? Is it possible?

5) How can I control the Tab order?


Edited: forgot a question.