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Coming from MS Access, to FMP or Bento 3?

Question asked by LloydStamps on Dec 6, 2009
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Coming from MS Access, to FMP or Bento 3?


I'm a brand-new Macintosh user; my Macbook Pro arrived last week. So the operating system is the latest (OS X? Snow Leopard) I've been using Windows for ages, and I use Microsoft Access quite a bit for my stamp collecting business: My customers list, and inventory list are in it. I don't use Access' relational features, but I use mail-merge extensively to create the HTML for web pages, eBay listings, and post-sale customer letters. That is, I have templates, into which Access-Word plug specific information. (My website is and my name on eBay is "LloydStamps" if you want to take a look.)


I can't decide whether I should get Filemaker Pro or Bento. The only references I've seen on this site to mail-merge have been about creating e-mail messages.


Which do you suggest? Which will do what I want? Thanks in advance.