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    Command Line Starting



      Command Line Starting


       I am running FMP 10 and would like to put an icon on desktops of remote computers in office that starts up FMP and automatically opens the network shared file.

      On the computer that acts as file server, In my start menu is a icon that uses the command line "c:\Program Files (x86)\Filemaker\Filemaker Pro 10\FileMaker Pro.exe" c:\Filemaker\jobticket.fp10  and have no problems opening the file and then running the system script

      However, when I go to open it from a remote computer, I have to open FMP, and click on the server, file to open. Is there a command line I can use in the icon on remote to open the file directly? I tryed using "c:\Program Files (x86)\Filemaker\Filemaker Pro 10\Filemaker Pro.exe" fmnet:/    but doesn't work...

      Any ideas?

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          Create a small filemaker file and use it instead.

          Set up a script that uses Open File to open the hosted file with open remote.

          In file options for this "opener file", specify that this file run when the file is opened.

          Now, when you double click this file, it will automatically open the hosted file on the server.

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             You can also drag & drop one of your favorites from your webbrowser on your desktop and change the url to: fmp7://hostingserverip/filename.fp7 A few neat things happen: the icon on the desktop will automatically change to a filemaker-icon and double-clicking on the icon will not open your browser but open filemaker which will try to open the hosted file on the network. This not only work on Windows, but also on macosx Regards, Menno