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Comment section at bottom of report

Question asked by Terri on May 26, 2009
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Comment section at bottom of report


I am trying to add a comment section at the bottom of a report (actually a text field called comments) but I want it to only show up after the last record. The kicker is, it has to be viewable on the web so it can't be a summary part. I am hoping it will be a calculation. Or I can make the comment section another layout and add it to this one, as long as I can get it in the right location. Any ideas? Here is what my report looks like right now. XX is an ID that is unique to each record. Page 1 is one record, page 2-3 is another record and so on. Let me know if you need additional information.


1  XX_XXXX_XX    Front cover


2  XX_XXXX_XX    Intro

3  XX_XXXX_XX    Intro


4  XX_XXXX_XX    Girls

5  XX_XXXX_XX    Girls


6  XX_XXXX_XX    Boys

7  XX_XXXX_XX    Boys