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    Comments and advice on organizing the Relationship Graph



      Comments and advice on organizing the Relationship Graph


           Admittedly, I'm a bit OCD and like my code, layouts and everything else to be orderly.

           Attached is a portion of the relationship graph of a current project.  I have color coded each table and their occurrences and separated the relationships by layouts related to a particular process.

           I would really like to hear how others organize their graphs and make them easy to read and MAINTAIN.



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               Looks pretty good though I try to arrange the occurrence boxes so that the relationship lines do not cross other relationship lines (picky, picky, I know...)

               You may want to consider using some naming conventions to make the fields and table occurrences easier to work with when referencing them from other parts of FileMaker.

               If you precede all primary keys with __pk (two underscores and the letters pk), you both identify them as primary keys and alphabetically sorted lists of field names will automatically list them first. I then use _fk to identify the foreign keys so that they list immediately after the primary key.

               Using the Anchor Buoy format that you have here for your table occurrence groups (TOGs), it's often helpful to give all the related TO's a prefix that identifies the "parent" table occurrence. By putting the parent name first, rather than last, that same alphabetic order of table occurrence names that you get in many dialogs will automatically group names that are part of the same TOG together--making them a bit easier to work with. Some developers often put the data source name portion of the TO name in ALL CAPS to make it clear at a glance what table serves as the data source for that specific TO.

               But these are just minor tweaks that some developers use with their systems. You can consider each and decide for yourself if they make sense for you to use them or not.