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    Comments please



      Comments please


      We have decided to go as paperless as possible.  We have about 10,000 clients per year and each client would have an average of 3 letter size documents scanned and stored as Jpeg.  Each file is approximately 130k.  Only simple searches and printing individual records are necessary.

      Images are stored in the database since trials of reference only was very slow and idfficult to manage for different locations even on a 10 person network.(wireless)

      Filemaker Limits?  Suggestions?


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          Your requirements and specifications take you out of the realm of small user small database user into the realm of SQL and enterprise software. You should investigate or pay for a solution suggestion from someone slash company that spedializes in such solutions.

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            That would be ideal but perhaps I did not include enough information.  We are a non-profit animal rescue group and must get buy on what we can beg, borrow, or otherwise appropriate.  A three year search has left me with the IT support..... a retired architect.  Thanks for the answer.

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              FileMaker can do it--provided you have a hard drive large enough to store a very large file. I'd create a trial version and compare the size of the file vs. the number of "client records" with documents stored in it to get an estimate of file size for your "10,000" clients per year upper limit.