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Commit Records

Question asked by ClayReed on Jan 4, 2013
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Commit Records


     I have a simple filemaker file that allows me to manage assets. I have a contacts table with layout and an assets table with layout. Currently you add contacts on the contacts layout and then on the assets layout you select them in a drop down list to assign to the asset. To make this process a little easier I created a "quick add" pop up on the assets layout. By clicking a "+" button next to the drop down field a script is executed and a pop up is displayed which is based on the contacts table. The script sizes and centers the layout and creates a new record request. After data entry the user clicks "Close" and the pop up closes. Everything works great except one thing. If a user changes their mind and decides not to add a new contact and closes the pop-up a blank record is entered into the database. How can I change/add to the script so that if no data is entered then no record is created. I assume there must be something with the commit records function but I have no clue how to make it work. The attached image is the pop up window and the script I'm using.