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Commit Step Puzzle

Question asked by mikewson on Jul 10, 2010
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Commit Step Puzzle


Will a single commit step in a script cover two or more Set Fields even if they address fields in different (but related) tables? I've looked for this answer for several years.  I think the answer is 'yes'.  But I'm worried that it isn't ALWAYS true. Is it? Anyone?

For example consider this simple script in Invoices:

#--------Context is Invoices. Assume 'Customers' is a related table.--------

Set Field [ ( Invoices::Invoice Date ; Get (Current Date) ]

Set Field [ ( Customers::Count of Invoices ; Customers::Count of Invoices + 1]

Commit Records/Request

Will this last step 'Commit' the changes in BOTH Invoices and Customers? And what if there were Set Fields looking into 5 or even 10 other related tables?  Would ALL those changes in ALL those related tables be committed with one commit? 

Thanks in advance.  Mike