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Common TO-DO list covering multiple tables

Question asked by Matty_1 on Feb 15, 2013
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Common TO-DO list covering multiple tables


     I have a data base with several Employee Records, related to these employee records are multiple tables/records tracking their vacation/sick time taken, Vacation and Sick Time Entitlements, Years of service, Salary Increases etc etc.

     What I would like to create is a TO-DO list that I can refer to everyday to see if there are upcoming changes and mark them as done.  That part of course is easy, what I'm looking for help with is finding the easiest way to tie all these tables and records together in one central area to avoid complicated scripts running and creating all sorts of records every time a child record is created from the Parent table (Employee Records).

     As I'm typing this I realized that the easiest route might be to try and house all these records under one table which in this case might be possible because they all more or less revolve around a type, start date, end date, explanation with a few other variances here and there but that could be easily dealt with constant calculations creating relationships with each kind of transaction.  I can then create a TO-DO table that calls upon all the records and create dated relationships that have them show up in the time frames I need them to show up in.

     But now that I'm here and about to post this anyways, I'm wondering if there would be any suggestions if housing them under one table isn't really an option without having an insanely long list of fields to cover each potential type of record that could be housed under this same table.... or does it always have to be unless we want to get complex with script triggers?

     Is it possible to have a record created in Table2 based on a relationship with Table1 and simultaneously having a second record created in Table3 based on a relationship with Table2 without using triggers or scripts of any kind?


     Hope I've made myself somewhat clear, didn't sleep a wink last night so I can't promise anything.