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           I just want to add the moderator on this forum does an excellent job. I am assuming he/she is the moderator because he/she is answering every body’s questions. I have noticed and been led to a lot of post that have been extremely helpful even specific tutorials by him/her. I know that a forum is supposed to be a collection, community, group, of contributors for the context, but sometimes it hard because people have so much need these days. With the little FileMaker knowledge I have (that’s growing fast) I have tried to answer question that I think I can help with. One person sent me an email thanking me and my response (that I did not get to say because when I click on it I get a 404 error?) was the typical one; that I don’t need to be thanked I am just trying to make the community strong that I am relying on. However I would like to acknowledge him/her because I can imagine that it must be quite a job to make everybody’s problems, concerns, something you’re thinking about. As dispersed as I see he/she is I wonder if FileMaker is paying attention, and why they don’t add more people? Once again I like to say moderator on this forum does an excellent job!

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               You are welcome and I will add that the program they used to sign me up as  volunteer includes language that suggests that more than one Community Leader could become part of that program, but to date, the manager at FileMaker has not chosen to do so.