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Question asked by ChrisJohnston on Sep 19, 2013
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     I just want to add the moderator on this forum does an excellent job. I am assuming he/she is the moderator because he/she is answering every body’s questions. I have noticed and been led to a lot of post that have been extremely helpful even specific tutorials by him/her. I know that a forum is supposed to be a collection, community, group, of contributors for the context, but sometimes it hard because people have so much need these days. With the little FileMaker knowledge I have (that’s growing fast) I have tried to answer question that I think I can help with. One person sent me an email thanking me and my response (that I did not get to say because when I click on it I get a 404 error?) was the typical one; that I don’t need to be thanked I am just trying to make the community strong that I am relying on. However I would like to acknowledge him/her because I can imagine that it must be quite a job to make everybody’s problems, concerns, something you’re thinking about. As dispersed as I see he/she is I wonder if FileMaker is paying attention, and why they don’t add more people? Once again I like to say moderator on this forum does an excellent job!