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Company Logo in Layout

Question asked by applelakshan1 on Nov 28, 2013
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Company Logo in Layout


     Hello Experts, i have little problem 


     I am developing solution  that required to have company  logo on there reports, so what i did i simply save .jpg from the content my client provided and i paste it in to layout of report in Filemaker.

This is Hosted database (FM12)

     when i finish,  its everything showed up in my pc, but when  log in from different computer i do not see the logo that i have added to layout.

     So i thought its problem with jpg format, or File Path. But the image open in every photo reading application  such as Photoshop and Preview. So i do not think its problem with file format.

     then i was trying with global container field , i created one global container field , then i place the image to that  field, but still i do not see the image on the layout,  any one knows how to fix this matter ?