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    Company, Company Contact with tasks



      Company, Company Contact with tasks



           Can sombody help me please.  I have created a company layout with a tab control and another tab control within for adding contacts tasks etc.  I think i have done something wrong with my relationships because I'm trying to create tasks for contacts (within the company) but when i creat the task using a portal and using a field with a dropdown in order to asign the company contact i keep getting a list of all contacts on the database.  Can sombody please help me.  Many thanks.



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               Seems like you should link tasks to companyContact if you are going to assign tasks to contacts instead of the company.

               Whether or not you make that change, a value list that lists values from CompanyContact will list all contacts, not just those for the current company record unless you select the "include only related values starting from [Company]" option.

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                 Hi Phil


                 thanks i thought i had it but now what im getting is the following problems

            1.           every time i create a new task it creates a new company contact.
            3.           eventhough we have more than one contact every time i select a contact for a task it populates all the other tasks with the same contact.

                 Any ideas?


                 Cheers Eugene

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                   Sounds like you have problems with your relationships and the design of your layout. In looking at your relationships, I would guess that what you really need is this:


                   Companies::CompanyID = Tasks::fkCompanyID ---> different field from what you have in your relationships
                   CompanyContacts|Tasks::ID_CompanyContact = Tasks::fkCompanyContactID ---> new field not shown in your current table

                   Where CompanyContacts|Tasks is the name I have given to a new Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? of Tasks so that you can keep your current companies to CompanyContacs relationship unchanged.

                   For an explanation of the notation that I am using, see the first post of: Common Forum Relationship and Field Notations Explained

                   Then, to create Tasks records for a given company and link each to a specific record in CompanyContacts:

                   Put a portal to Tasks on your Companies layout. Add Tasks::fkCompanyContactID to this portal row and set it up with the conditional value list that I specified earlier for selecting a contact for that specific task. You can include fields from CompanyContacts|Tasks in this portal row to show additional info (such as the contacts name and/or a phone number or job description...) about that contact right in the portal row.

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                     It's done, Cheers Phil - thanks a million