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    Comparative averages



      Comparative averages


      I'm trying to formulate a field which would display the average of a customers margin. I can find this average within a found set of the particular customer, however I would like to display the averages comparatively in a table or list of customers. Is this possible in FM?

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          How have you set up your tables here and what kind of layout will you use?

          If you want this format:

          customer Name     Average

          John Smith            22.3
          Fred Jones             21.2

          and so forth, you can use a summary field for the average, but place the customer name field and summary field inside a sub summary part sorted by customer, then delete the body part so that only the names and averages are displayed.

          This is just one approach. There are also other ways to do this.

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            That's what I did. Works nice!