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    Comparative year reports



      Comparative year reports


      Currently I prepare two reports for comparative yearly analysis listing for example, sales by item by month by customer for each year being compared. I would like to have the current year and previous year on one report so I can do analysis ie % total, % increase/decrease etc.


      For example:  July 09 sales and July 08 sales beside each other. The period could be calendar year or rolling year. 

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             Side-by-side can be rather difficult, but it should be quite easy to produce a report like this:

          Item ABC
          • June 08: 2,412
          • June 09: 3,105

          • July 08: 2,689
          • July 09: 2,967

          Item XYZ
          • June 08: 1,268
          • June 09: 1,934

          • July 08: 1,367
          • July 09: 2,019

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               The current report for one year is 84 pages so side by side is preferred. However, I haven't been able to figure how to get two separate sets of yearly values in the one report. 
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                 As I said, it's possible - though not as easy as a standard report and a whole lot less flexible. But you could do this by creating a separate table just for aggregating.

              To take a (relatively) simple example, to summarize the sales of 100 products over 12 months, the aggregating table would need 1,200 records - one for each product/month combination. There would be some global fields for entering the desired report period, and from this each record would calculate the ProductID and the two months it needs to summarize (e.g. July 08 and July 09). These calcs would then be the matchfields for two relationships into the sales table.