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Compare fields between layouts

Question asked by RareJunk on Mar 24, 2010
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Compare fields between layouts


Hello Everyone,

I am trying to perform data validation using File Maker Pro. I have two matching layouts, Table1 and Table 2. When someone enters data into Table1, there is no validation involved. I will have a different user entering data into Table 2. At that point, I want it to validate the data against table 1.

So , in table 1, if i have the fields

Field A - primary Key
Field B
Field C
Field D.

and in Table2, i have the fields

Field A - primary key
Field B
Field C
Field D

When they enter data into Table2 for Field B, it should check

Table2.FieldB = Table1.FieldB AND Table2.FieldA = Table1.FieldA

If this does not pass validation, I don't want to save the data.

I dont know if there is another way for data validation...

If there is, please let me know.

I have never used Filemaker Pro and this is my second day ....

Thank you in advance for your time & suggestion. Your help is greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks ...

FMP NewBie :)