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Compare Records from Seperate Tables ? (Find uncommon)

Question asked by AnthonyPaliseno on Jul 2, 2014
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Compare Records from Seperate Tables ? (Find uncommon)


     I have a table called Inventory:

     Uniquely Identified by ItemCode (all records in this table are imporated from another DB called MAS)

     I have a table called Products:

     Where ModelNo has the relationship with ItemCode (as a unique identifier)

     [b]The issue[/b]

     I have some records that are listed in Inventory only, and do not show in Products

     How do I construct a script to find which ones are missing ?

     [b]For Example:[/b]

     Inventory:                Products:

     Model1                      Model1     
     Model2                      Model2
     Model3                      Model4

     How do I pick up the "Model3"

     I wrote a script that loops through all the records in the Inventory Table and if they = ModelNo from Products, Do nothing, Else, it writes that ItemCode to a email.

     It worked for 1 Model Number but still a handful that it did not detect.