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Compare value list to found records?

Question asked by disabled_JustinClose on Feb 15, 2012
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Compare value list to found records?


I am trying to compare a found set of records (find was done on Quarter of a given year) and compare that to a list of people.  Essentially I want to check that every person on the list has a corresponding entry.  If they don't have any entry for that Quarter, create a new record.  I don't want duplicates, either; only one per person/qrtr/year.


I have seen various posts about testing for record existence and cycling through value lists, but nothing that quite seemed to address all the specifics of this problem.  I may be thinking about the problem all wrong; that's fine, too.  :)


I am aware of doing a loop of Finds, but that seems cumbersome (would have to do a new window or redo the original found set when done).  Is there a way to check if a record exists in a found set, based on the names in the value list, without going through a bunch of Enter Find Mode/Set Field/Perform Finds?