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Comparing data of several years in one graph

Question asked by PecCars on Feb 7, 2011
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Comparing data of several years in one graph


I am migrating an MS Access 2003 app to FM Pro 11. A substantial portion of the app are graphs that compare data over several years based on a date field Inquiry::InquiryDate.

Basically it will compare the count of records based in Inquiry::InquiryDate by month for 3 years on a rolling basis (see uploaded screen shot here: In MS Access all I need to do is create an on-the-fly calculated field for year, have the counts at the vertical axis, months at the horizontal axis and via 3D clustered column select 3 years per month entry.

So far I found out the following for FM:

- In FM I will create a calculated field in Inquiry so that it calculates the first day of the month, I will also need to create another calculated field for the year.

- I assume that on-the-fly calculated fields are not possible in FM as opposed to adding them as calculated fields to a table, so I will need to add more fields to the Inquiry table (lots of clutter considering that this goes on for several date fields additional to .

With this I could generate the graph by month for one single year. Now how to we show several years in the same graph (not stacked but side-by-side).

- As far as I understand FM does not offer a side by side bar chart. How would I compare monthly data for several years in one single chart ?

Any ideas how to do this in FM Pro 11 ?