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Comparing databases

Question asked by viandante on May 29, 2009
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Comparing databases


Hi all,


I am trying to compare two databases. I mean, I am migrating from an old platform to a new system. Actually the company decided to go on with the old database and the new one for some weeks. During this period, I need to periodically controll the data, to check if the old system and the new one are having the same records.


The point is, is there a way to compare this records on filemaker? I mean, can I build a function where if the code is equal, but the quantity is different filemaker writes me the record?


I did this just connecting the code of the two tables on the relationships graphic, but it seems that filemaker does compare codes only if they are in the same order. I mean, if in the table 1 the code is at the position 2 and if in the table 2 the code is in the position 3, filemaker does not compare the two codes, also if they are equal.